What’s up my fam! This is Josue, your IG boy and today I will teach you how to get 10K Instagram followers in just 24 hours. Sounds cool, huh? What, you don’t believe me when I say it IS possible? Well, that’s basically what I do for my clients and my students and I’ll teach you FOR FREE so, you better keep reading. 🤓💰

First things first. When it comes to Instagram, there’s two parts to it: what I call the art and the distribution. Art involves what content you’re posting, how good it is in terms of quality and visual engagement; on the other hand, by distribution I literally mean what channels you can use in order to “viralize” your content. 

Art and distribution, they need to work together. An account won’t be successful and complete UNLESS both aspects are checked. ✔️✔️ Therefore, you’ll have to make sure they are running smoothly when you make up your campaign. 

I explain this in my video by showing you how I grew a client’s account: a 16 years old rapper from Vegas. His content sucked (sorry man, I love you but it really did 😅) and I had to think thoroughly about what we could work so his content could go viral. First, we posted a video and it went VIRAL. It hit thousands of views and comments in barely a day! How did we do this? I shooted a short video and made it Instagram specific. I also added a title and subtitles because *BOMB* it’s easier to catch people’s attention when they not only hear content but READ content. Also, by reading the title they get interested and chose whether to watch the video or not. 

So, let me tell you something: my team and I, well, English is not our first language so we had a little typo in the title 🙈(watch the video so you’ll know what I mean 😉). Anyway, this is how we proved that sometimes marketing is about breaking the rules and results are totally unexpected. This viralized the content in no time, people loved the video and engaged with it because the title triggered their emotions. So, PRO TIP: if you want to skyrocket your engagement rate, go after people’s emotions. We distributed Dylan’s (the rapper) content in a niche specific page so his reach increased dramatically. ALL OF THIS IN ONLY 24 HOURS! Is this crazy or what? 

Instagram marketing involves cool content and right channels, so be sure to take both aspects into account. Instagram is super visual, so your content must be visually appealing. If your want  more engagement, trigger your audience’s emotions and you’re all set. Get yourself free but top level software and apps for your content (or paid ones, I don’t mind 🌚) like iMovie, Hitfilm, and Snapseed. 

So that’s it, ready to create masterpieces? Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you won’t miss any of my classes. Apply everything you learn! I don’t mean to brag but I usually charge good money for this knowledge and I’m giving it to you for free. ❤️ Use it for good and tell us how it goes!

Comment below what you need the most right now, art or distribution. 🔥😎