5 Tips on How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm and Increase Followers Engagement

1. Create with purpose. Create content that is driven with a specific purpose in your mind. You posting about your cat, dog and food (without having a page in those niches), will serve no one and no one will care.

Focus on 1 thing and have your content be driven by value to your audience.

– 2. Post more. This is simple math. The more you post the more you grow. Always create with purpose and do it more.

Post consistently, multiple times per day, content that is valuable to your audience and post more of it.

– 3. Become part of the Instagram community. Don’t just post and leave the platform until the next time.

You are not yet an expert on Instagram, so make sure you become part of the community by responding to comments, engaging in other accounts in your niche without being spammy, and always providing value.

– 4. Do more Instagram Stories. This is one of the MOST POWERFUL features that Instagram offers. This is the easiest way to engage your current audience, big or small, and even monetize it.

– 5. Use your Instagram Direct Messages or DMs. This is one of the most powerful tools Instagram has that allows you to make money from it even with a really small following.