5 Steps on How to Become a Multi Millionaire Online FAST

Hey fam! Hey, have you ever seen a millionaire on television, in a magazine or in social media and asked yourself, “wow, how do they do it?” It looks so easy for them but for to us mortals, not so much, right? Well, I know a bunch of millionaires myself and today I’ll share with you 5 tips that have worked magic for them. 😉

TIP #1: “Burn the boats” (thanks, Tony Robbins!). What does it mean? It literally means that, in order to conquer an island, you must first burn the boats. (Yeah, which means….?) Nothing comes easy your way dude, you’ll always have to take risks and drag yourself out of your comfort zone.

TIP #2: Having a competitive advantage. When you have the most expensive product, you are of extreme value and that’s exactly how people see you. You’re don’t want to be seen as an old car when you’re Rolls Royce material. So, regardless of your niche, you should always aim to become the one who commands highest authority. Study millionaires like Bill Gates, Russell Brunson, and Warren Buffett, to mention a few, and you’ll see what I mean. Becoming the most valuable in your marketplace is true GOALS.

TIP #3: Learn to keep your money. Making money is really simple (it is!), it is harder to keep it though! When you get money, especially TONS of money, spending it all is one easy thing to do. You may take unnecessary risks, make unnecessary expenses and altogether, take bad decisions. Millionaires KNOW how to KEEP their money. They are financially trained and if you want to be in the 8 figure club, you too should be!

TIP #4: Learn to delegate. I get it, you might be the kind of person who wants -no, NEEDS- to keep everything in control. Perhaps you trust no one as you trust yourself but when it comes to business, you might want to get a hand. Gather a team of people who can solve your needs, a group of experts that can do what you need. You’ll grow together, you’ll be more efficient, your business will run smoothly, and you’ll feel more confident. Say “NO” to a control-freak life!

TIP #5: Focus, focus, FOCUS! Let’s be real, you know you can’t eat everything that’s on your plate, even if it all looks delicious! You must choose always choose something. We go from A to B to C to D and so on, never to become an expert on anything. Frustrating, huh? Well, that’s why you must choose A or B or C or D and specialize on it! People value expertise; besides, you might want to review tip #2: you want to be known as THE authority on your marketplace. In order to do so, you must first choose and, once you do so, set your course of action to grow an expert on it. 

So, this is it! Ready to become the multi millionaire you’re destined to be? 

If you’ve got another tip, play nicely and be sure to post it in the comments below!