3 Tips from FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup last year sure was a big hit. ⚽ I mean, it always is but, do you know why? Hey, why is it one of the highest ranking events? Why do people (including me) go NUTS about it? 🤔

I did a little study on it and this is what I found. I’m sharing with you the 3 most important reasons why the World Cup is the biggest and most important sports event EVER. 😏🔥

Here comes a little summary for you: urgency, scarcity, emotion. 😏

REASON #1: Urgency. The World Cup has this urgency factor that drives people crazy, why? Because if you procrastinate (like I know you intended to do), you’ll have to wait another 4 years and HECK NO. Marketers LOVE urgency, it encourages people to stand up and take action NOW. 

REASON #2: Scarcity. Scarcity means there’s a LIMITED amount of things you can buy. In soccer terms, there’s a limited amount of SEATS in a stadium, hotel rooms or available flights so IF YOU WANT TO BE THERE AND LIVE THE WORLD CUP IN 4K, YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING QUICKLY. (If you heard my shouting in your mind, that’s precisely what I wanted) So, you see where I’m getting at, right? Urgency and scarcity move you but, what exactly closes the deal? 

REASON #3: Emotion. That’s it. As a marketer, you’re not really selling a product or service. You are selling EMOTIONS. You move them and move them well and THEY work magic for you. 

I know this because I’m a soccer supporter myself and am passionate about the World Cup like no other (if you are curious about my backstory with soccer, you might find some info in my older posts/videos 😉 ) 

Rule of thumb: These 3 things you should have them in your marketing strategy; if you do, your sales will go up and you’ll make more money. Why? Because sales is totally a psychological thing! So, find a group of people who are passionate about a certain topic and sell them with urgency and scarcity cards and you’re set for success.